Wanted Body | Owner, Ninjer

We want YOU to stay WANTED!

Ninjer has ALWAYS had a keen eye for fashion; style and beauty so it only seemed right to create a business that involved making people look good! But not so fast! After losing her job in 2019 and not getting hired by literally ANYONE, in 2020 Ninjer decided to be her own boss and finally live out one of her many dreams.

What started as a simple idea, Wanted Body has now morphed into a BRAND and the go-to place for fashionable women around the world. Wanted Body is an online store that is always on trend and offers classy, casual and chic clothing!

We provide eye-catching pieces and at an affordable price point to ensure you always look and feel like a million bucks without breaking the bank!

Wanted Body is a fashion forward line created with the intention of celebrating women of all shapes and sizes, while remaining BODY POSITIVE. We pride ourselves on empowering women to be confident and love their curves, no matter what shape or size they are.

Our Core Values!

We Provide

  • Eye-catching pieces
  • At affordable price points

Our Goal

  • Celebrate women of all shapes & sizes

We Pride ourselves on...

  • Empowering women to be confident
  • And to love their curves

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We hope that you love each & every addition to your closet!